Annunciation of the Lord, Years ABC

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Lectionary: 545
Read the Gospel: Luke 1:26-38

Gospel Summary
In his infancy narrative, Luke has several purposes when he tells of Gabriel's visit to Mary. Luke wants to be clear that the origin of Jesus was prophesied in the Old Testament. He wants to be sure his audience understands the divine origin of Jesus. Luke reports the announcement of Gabriel about a new creation coming from God. Mary will participate in the miracle of this divine birth. Despite initial wonder and uncertainty, Mary accepts God's message and her part in God's salvation. To confirm God's message, Gabriel tells Mary of God's sign. Her cousin, Elizabeth, who is old and was never able to have children, is now going to have a baby.

Reflection for Families
How often has something happened in your life that partially or completely changes the direction you are going? Perhaps you met someone that changed the course of relationships or maybe an employment opportunity changed the direction of your career. A teacher or coach may have influenced life-long choices. Wherever these moments occur in your life, can you look back and see God's message for you? How do these moments give you courage when you face new forks in the road?

Bringing the Gospel Into Your Family
Pull out old photo albums or other memorabilia from the time children in your family were born or adopted. Share memories of that day and the days that followed. Parents, affirm in your children why they are a blessing to you. Allow children to name ways they appreciate their parents. From this frame of reference, send a note or card to someone you know who is expecting a child or planning to adopt. Let your words and example give them hope for the new life that will soon join theirs.

Discussion Starters
1. My life changed direction when ...
2. I received a message from God when ...
3. One area of my life where I need to trust God more is ...