Year C: Questions of the Week

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1st Sunday of Advent
(December 2, 2018)
Lectionary: 3
Adults: What have been the strengths of your prayer life? What habit of prayer could you strengthen during this Advent season?
Children: What prayers will you say each day and each week during Advent?

2nd Sunday of Advent
(December 9, 2018)
Lectionary: 6
Adults: In what areas of your life do you need God’s forgiveness right now? What Advent practice would assist you in expressing your repentance?
Children: What do you want to ask God to forgive you for? What can you do during Advent to show you are sorry?

3rd Sunday of Advent
(December 16, 2018)
Lectionary: 9
Adults: To whom have your past acts of kindness brought joy? What acts of kindness could you do this week?
Children: What kind thing have you done for someone lately? Whom could you make happy by your kindness this week?

4th Sunday of Advent
(December 23, 2018)
Lectionary: 12
Adults: When was it hardest for you to trust in God’s plan, as Mary did? What can help you at such times?
Children: When is it hardest for you to obey a parent or teacher? What can help you obey with more trust?

Feast of the Holy Family
(December 30, 2018)
Lectionary: 17
Adults: What does your family do to honor and respect its older members?
Children: Why did Jesus leave the temple? How can Jesus be an example for you?

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Solemnity of the Epiphany
(January 6, 2019)
Lectionary: 20
Adults: When have you been jealous or fearful of another person? When are such feelings harmful?
Children: When have you been jealous because something good happened to another person instead of you? What is the problem with feeling that way?

Feast of the Baptism of the Lord
(January 13, 2019)
Lectionary: 21
Adults: Do you think that God was “well pleased” by your actions in recent weeks? Why?
Children: What good thing could you do this week that would be pleasing to God?

2nd Sunday in Ordinary Time
(January 20, 2019)
Lectionary: 66
Adults: When have you stepped in, as Mary did at Cana, to try and make a difficult situation easier for someone?
Children: What can you do this week to help make someone’s job a little easier?

3rd Sunday in Ordinary Time
(January 27, 2019)
Lectionary: 69
Adults: What do you believe that the anointing you received at Baptism requires you to do?
Children: What could you do this week for someone who has less than you?

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4th Sunday in Ordinary Time
(February 3, 2019)
Lectionary: 72
Adults: What do you do when a message you are trying to deliver “falls on deaf ears”?
Children: Are there times when you have not listened as well as you could to what someone was telling you? Why didn’t you?

5th Sunday in Ordinary Time
(February 10, 2019)
Lectionary: 75
Adults: When have you felt inadequate to a task or role you were given? How did you respond?
Children: When have you been asked to do something you felt might be too hard for you? What did you do?

6th Sunday in Ordinary Time
(February 17, 2019)
Lectionary: 75
Adults: In what way are you serving the poor, as Jesus did?
Children: When have you helped bring God’s love to someone who was sad, or hungry, or whom others made fun of?

7th Sunday in Ordinary Time
(February 24, 2019)
Lectionary: 75
Adults: What has allowed you to overcome obstacles and forgive someone who has hurt you?

ildren: When has it been hard to forgive someone who has hurt you? What did you do?


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8th Sunday in Ordinary Time
(March 3, 2019)
Lectionary: 75

Adults: When have you most felt like a hypocrite? How did you overcome this feeling?
Children: Is it a good thing or a bad thing to act differently from what you are really feeling? Explain.

First Sunday of Lent
(March 10, 2019)
Lectionary: 24
Adults: How willing are you to profess your faith in Jesus Christ openly to others?
Children: Would you still be able to say that you believe in Jesus if others made fun of you for it?

Second Sunday of Lent
(March 17, 2019)
Lectionary: 27
Adults: How are your priorities affected by your faith in Jesus Christ?
Children: When you have important choices to make, do you and your family pray to make the right choice?

Third Sunday of Lent
(March 24, 2019)
Lectionary: 30
Adults: What important work could bear fruit in your life right now if you have more confidence in God’s loving care?
Children: What great work would you like to do as you grow older? What can you do to begin now?

Fourth Sunday of Lent
(March 31, 2019)
Lectionary: 33
Adults: When have you been generous enough to forgive someone who hurt you deeply?
Children: Is there someone you need to forgive or ask forgiveness of?

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Fifth Sunday of Lent
(April 7, 2019)
Lectionary: 36
Adults: Have you ever been too willing to “cast the first stone” when you disapprove of someone’s behavior? How can you resist these feelings?
Children: When have you criticized or made fun of someone? What could help you act differently?

Palm Sunday of the Lord's Passion
(April 14, 2019)
Lectionary: 37/38
Adults: When have you felt that you betrayed the confidence of another, as Peter did when he denied Jesus?
Children: When have you let someone down who trusted you? How did you feel?

Easter Sunday of the Resurrection of the Lord
(April 21, 2019)
Lectionary: 42
Adults: What change could the hope of the Resurrection of Christ inspire you to make?
Children: What bad habit would you like to “clear out” during the hopeful time of this Easter season?

Second Sunday of Easter (Sunday of Divine Mercy)

(April 28, 2019)
Lectionary: 45
Adults: When has your faith in the living Christ helped you overcome fear?
Children: What could you do this Easter season to help someone feel less afraid?


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Third Sunday of Easter
(May 5, 2019)
Lectionary: 48
Adults: In what ways are you answering Jesus’ command to Peter to “feed my sheep”?
Children: What do you do to take care of others as Jesus asked Peter to do?

Fourth Sunday of Easter
(May 12, 2019)
Lectionary: 51
Adults: Whom do you try to protect as Christ protects you?
Children: Who helps you feel safe and protected? Whom can you take care of and help feel safe?

Fifth Sunday of Easter
(May 19, 2019)
Lectionary: 54
Adults: When have you seen the power of love overcome a bad situation?
Children: Do you believe love is stronger than hate? Why?

Sixth Sunday of Easter
(May 26, 2019)
Lectionary: 57
Adults: What difference has it made in your life when you made a decision in accord with Jesus’ teaching?
Children: When will you have to make a decision this week? What will help you make a good decision?

Solemnity of the Ascension of the Lord
(May 30 or June 2, 2019)
Lectionary: 58
Adults: Who in your family has the gift of wisdom? How does he or she use this gift?
Children: Who is the wisest person you know? What has he or she taught you?

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Solemnity of Pentecost Sunday
(June 9, 2019)
Lectionary: 62/63
Adults: What gift of service have you received from the Holy Spirit and how well are you using it right now?
Children: What gift do you hope to receive from the Holy Spirit? How could you use it to serve others?

Solemnity of the Most Holy Trinity
(June 16, 2019)
Lectionary: 166
Adults: In what difficult situation has the Holy Spirit helped you see more clearly?
Children: What kind of decision can the Holy Spirit help you with?

Solemnity of the Most Holy Body and Blood of Christ (Corpus Christi)
(June 23, 2019)
Lectionary: 169
Adults: When have you been most blessed and when have you felt a little “broken” in your service to others?
Children: Why is it important to keep on giving, even when you are tired?

Thirteenth Sunday of Ordinary Time
(June 30, 2019)
Lectionary: 99
Adults: When have you faltered or looked back during your journey of faith?
Children: What can you do to be a stronger follower of Jesus this week?

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Fourteenth Sunday of Ordinary Time
(July 7, 2019)
Lectionary: 102
Adults: Where do you see the message of Christian faith being rejected in the world today? What is your response to that?
Children: What can you do when you are generous with others, and they do not want what you give them?

Fifteenth Sunday of Ordinary Time
(July 14, 2019)
Lectionary: 105
Adults: When have you gone out of your way to help a stranger in need?
Children: Would you help a new student who needed help? Why or why not?

Sixteenth Sunday of Ordinary Time
(July 21, 2019)
Lectionary: 108
Adults: Which response to God’s call is more natural to you – prayer or action? Why?
Children: In the past week, when have you prayed and when have you done good things for others? Which could you do better?

Seventeenth Sunday of Ordinary Time
(July 28, 2019)
Lectionary: 111
Adults: Have your most recent prayers been prayers of praise, petition, or sorrow? Which kind of prayer do you need to practice more often?
Children: What are you most thankful for right now?

August 2019 | Back To Top

Eighteenth Sunday of Ordinary Time
(August 4, 2019)
Lectionary: 114
Adults: When have you felt that possessions were becoming too important in your life?
Children: Have you ever received a gift you wanted a lot and then found it didn’t make you as happy as you thought it would?

Nineteenth Sunday of Ordinary Time
(August 11, 2019)
Lectionary: 117
Adults: Other than Jesus, which of the ancestors of Christian faith has served as the greatest example to you? Why?
Children: Which person of the Bible has been a good example to you of how to live?

Twentieth Sunday of Ordinary Time
(August 18, 2019)
Lectionary: 120
Adults: When has your taking a strong stand on a moral issue created division rather than healing in the short term?
Children: Is it important to do the right thing even if others are angry as a result? Why or why not?

Twenty-first Sunday of Ordinary Time
(August  25, 2019)
Lectionary: 123
Adults: What daily choices are you making that will allow you to be recognized at the doorway of the Reign of God?
Children: What good habits are you practicing in order to be a good Christian?

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Twenty-second Sunday of Ordinary Time
(September 1, 2019)
Lectionary: 126
Adults: Has the hunger for status and influence in the world around you endangered your life as a Christian?
Children: Does it make you a better person to be chosen first for a team or some other honor? Why or why not?

Twenty-third Sunday of Ordinary Time
(September 8, 2019)
Lectionary: 129
Adults: How do you try to discover what God is asking of you?
Children: When is it hard for you to know the right thing to do? Who helps you know?

Twenty-fourth Sunday of Ordinary Time
(September 15, 2019)
Lectionary: 132
Adults: When have you persistently sought after a member of your family who has lost his or her way?
Children: Have you ever felt you were not getting credit for your good works? What did you do?

Twenty-fifth Sunday of Ordinary Time
(September 22, 2019)
Lectionary: 135
Adults: Can cheating and deception ever be justified?
Children: If someone treats you unfairly, do you have the right to do the same to them?

Twenty-sixth Sunday of Ordinary Time
(September 29, 2019)
Lectionary: 138
Adults: What are the “rewards” of caring for the needs of the poor?
Children: What is one thing you and your family could do this week to help those who are poor or sick?

October 2019 | Back To Top

Twenty-seventh Sunday of Ordinary Time
(October 6, 2019)
Lectionary: 141
Adults: When have you done more than was required of you in the service of others?
Children: When have you done something extra for someone in your family without being asked? What did you learn from this?

Twenty-eighth Sunday of Ordinary Time
(October 13, 2019)
Lectionary: 144
Adults: Whose generosity do you tend to take for granted? How will you change this?
Children: When have you failed to say thank you? Why does this matter?

Twenty-ninth Sunday of Ordinary Time
(October 20, 2019)
Lectionary: 147
Adults: Whose needs might you be failing to listen to right now?
Children: How often do you put off chores until you are forced to do them? Who is hurt by such a decision?

Thirtieth Sunday of Ordinary Time
(October 27, 2019)
Lectionary: 150
Adults: When have you felt self-satisfied in observing the mistakes of others? What should we remember at such times?
Children: Have you ever thought you were better than someone else? What is the problem with such thoughts?

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Thirty-first Sunday of Ordinary Time
(November 3, 2019)
Lectionary: 153
Adults: During the next week, what could you do to welcome someone who usually feels excluded?
Children: Is there a child in your class or neighborhood who is left out of games and activities? What can you do?

Thirty-second Sunday of Ordinary Time
(November 10, 2019)
Lectionary: 156
Adults: When bad things happen, how do you deal with them?
Children: Has someone in your family or among your friends died? Do you think about that person in heaven? What do you hope to talk about with this person?

Thirty-third Sunday of Ordinary Time
(November 17, 2019)
Lectionary: 159
Adults: When bad things happen, how do you deal with them?
Children: Have you ever worried about something that might happen? What can help you worry less?

Solemnity of Our Lord Jesus Christ, King of the Universe
(November 24, 2019)
Lectionary: 162
Adults: Following the example of Jesus, what is the best way to exercise your authority over others?
Children: What qualities would a good leader have? Which of these are you trying to develop?


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