Fourth Sunday of Easter, Year C

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Lectionary: 51
Read: John 10:27-30

Gospel Summary

There are two notions that need to be taken on faith as they are presented in the Gospel passage where Jesus identifies himself as the Good Shepherd.  The first mystery is that those who are given the gift of faith to hear the invitation Jesus presents, will follow him.  The second mystery involves the unbreakable bond that exists between the Shepherd and the person who hears the invitation.  Once a person responds to the invitation, he or she belongs to God forever.

Reflection for Families

Our culture has changed since the days of our parents and grandparents when just about anyone dropped in at any time. We now call ahead and make arrangements for our children to visit friends.  In comparing our own day to 50 years ago, we begin to really appreciate the invitation of Jesus to follow him, just as we are, anytime of the day or night.  Where would we be if we had to call ahead to see if Jesus was available?

Bringing the Gospel into Your Family

Reach out to a family in your neighborhood this week by inviting them over for some “informal” fun and food.  Dig out board games and snacks as you welcome them spontaneously.  Keep in mind that this is how Jesus reaches out to us and let your neighbors experience God’s love through your hospitality.

Discussion Starters

  1. I have a real feeling of belonging to . . .
  2. I felt Jesus inviting me to follow him this week when . . .
  3. Today I hear Jesus’ voice in . . .



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