Fourth Sunday of Advent, Year C

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Lectionary: 12C
Read: Luke 1:39-45

Gospel Summary
In today’s Gospel we hear the story of the Visitation of Mary to Elizabeth, her cousin. We are told that upon Mary’s arrival the infant in Elizabeth’s womb leaped for joy. That infant is John the Baptist. John will grow up to become the prophet who prepares the way for the child within Mary’s womb—Jesus, the Lord.

Reflection for Parents
When the angel Gabriel appeared to Mary, he told her that Elizabeth was already in her sixth month of pregnancy. Mary again models true discipleship for us. Even though she too is with child and could easily choose to stay home, she says yes to helping and serving her elderly cousin. Today’s Gospel tells us that she traveled “in haste” to do so. Take time today to consider older family members or neighbors who need your help and support. As Advent days continue, how will you say yes to serving them?

Bringing the Good News Into Your Family
Plan a family visit to an older friend or relative you haven’t seen in awhile. Decide on a special gift or treat to take to that person. Once with him or her, give your friend or relative the gift of your presence—a listening ear, time, and a helping hand.

Discussion Starters

  1. One of my favorite relatives is . . .
  2. Something that fills me with joy is . . .
  3. This week I will share the gift of joy by . . .


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