Transfiguration of the Lord, Year B, Junior High

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Junior High Session
Daniel 7:9-10, 13-14
Mark 9:2-10

Opening Prayer

Let us pray.
Lord God,
We know that you are with us and that your glory shines through all who follow your ways. Help us be faithful believers and strong followers. In Jesus’ name we pray, Amen.

Opening Life Reflection
Find a spectacular photo or image from nature. Ask children to make a connection from this photo to the preview of the transfiguration described in today’s Gospel.

Listening to the Word of God
See how the author of The Book of Daniel points toward the coming of a Messiah (nearly 200 years before Jesus’ birth!).

Read Daniel 7:9-10, 13-14.
Allow for silence.

Scripture Discussion Starters

• What is the apocalyptic vision in this scripture?
• Why would this passage from Daniel have been helpful for early Christians as they tried to understand who Jesus was?
• What light would this passage offer to people before Jesus came into the world?

Jesus wanted to be sure the disciples understood God’s glory even when Jesus was no longer with them.

Read Mark 9:2-10.
Allow for silence.

• What was Jesus’ purpose for taking Peter, James, and John to the mountaintop?
• What amazing thing did the disciples see while they were on the mountain with Jesus?
• How would this experience have given the disciples courage for future events?

Scripture Background

Peter, James and John, often described as the inner circle of disciples, went with Jesus to the top of a mountain. While they were there something extraordinary happened. They saw Jesus’ become white, light, and bright, in a way that was not earthly possible. Some scholars explain this experience as a “preview” of Jesus at the final coming of God’s Kingdom. From a cloud, they hear a voice instructing the three to listen to Jesus. The disciples did not understand initially, but this transfiguration was a glimpse of what was to come for Jesus and all of us in God’s Kingdom.

Questions for Deeper Reflection

• Why did Jesus take the disciples to the mountaintop with him?
• What can we understand about Jesus from the transfiguration? What does this mean for us?
• How have you seen someone or something transformed by God’s glory?

[If you are not going to continue with the doctrinal discussion, proceed to the Gospel in Life.]

Doctrinal Discussion Starter
God’s Revelation to Us
We can know God through Jesus because it is through Jesus that God is revealed to us. We understand the magnitude of God’s love for us because we have been shown through the life of Jesus, his teachings, suffering, death, resurrection and ascension into heaven. The disciples were the first people to witness these events of Jesus’ life and eventually they were written down. Scripture and tradition have become the source of our understanding of God’s love and plan for us. God has told us, through Jesus, all that we need to know to share in God’s Kingdom when Jesus returns to the world.

• How can we know God’s love for us through Jesus?
• What are some ways we can show others the Kingdom of God?
• How have you seen God revealed in the world today?

Sacrament Connection
Through the Eucharist we celebrate the once and for all sacrifice of Christ. The Eucharist celebrates the memory of Jesus’ death and resurrection. Christ’s sacrifice on the cross and his resurrection, become real and present in the celebration of the Eucharist.

The Gospel in Life
What will you do this week to show someone in darkness the dazzling light of Christ?

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