Sundays during Easter, Year B

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Easter Sunday, Year B Lectionary: 42 (He Rose from the Dead) Gospel: John 20: 1-9 Adults: Why do I believe that I will live with Christ for all eternity? Children: Who has helped me believed that I will live with Jesus forever? 2nd Sunday of Easter, Year B Lectionary: 44 (He Showed Them) Gospel: John 20:19–31 Adults: What can I do to inspire my family to...

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Ascension of the Lord, Year A

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Lectionary: 58 Read: Matthew 28:16-20 Gospel Summary The Gospel reading today concludes the Book of Matthew. It was at this point that Jesus, knowing he was about to return to the Father, commissioned the apostles to carry the message of the Good News into the whole world. They would baptize, make more disciples, and teach the message Jesus had taught...

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